This tutorial is for Cantus Index contributors. It shows how to add a new chant into the Cantus Index.

Do the following steps when: You have found a chant in your manuscript that does not appear to be included in Cantus Index (CI).


1) Ensure that the chant is not already included in CI. Search for any single word from the text where spelling is clear. Please note that CI uses standardized full texts.


2) Log in to the Cantus Index (CI) using the link at the bottom or click on this link: http://cantusindex.org/user
If you do not yet have a user account, contact us and we will create one for you!


3) Go to the menu item Chants -> Add new chant


4) In the form, fill in the obligatory fields: 


5) The field Feast can be completed, but is optional. 


6) In the case of a similar text of the same genre (i.e., with a significant variant) fill in the "Similar chant ID". Please read the guidelines here (new tab opens). 


7) If the chant is a verse of another chant, fill in the "Related chant ID".


8) Click Save.


9) After saving you will see the new Cantus ID number of the chant for use in your manuscript inventory.